Focus on what really matters

B2B buyers report that 80% of conversations with sales reps do not address their problems (Forrester)

The Elfskot Product Configurator makes your sales reps more effective.

The centre of gravity of the sales conversation is often on the correct quoting of a product. With the Elfskot Product Configurator, sales reps can focus on completing the customers’ real need.


Quoting in a flash

Realize up to 87% lead time reduction
  • Quoting at lightning speed by using a no-nonsense user environment optimized for sellers and distributors
  • Optimize the customer journey by using advanced guided selling functionality
  • Assured of a 100% error-free quotation

The Elfskot Product Configurator changes the administrative burden of creating quotations to a fun activity. So fast that you can do it directly at your customer’s desk!

Score with the richest quotation documents

79% of buyers finds relevant content decisive in the purchase process (IDG)
  • Generate the most comprehensive quotation documents, in the language of your customer
  • Turn your quotation in a personalized brochure: Specify each option with rich texts, technical specifications and illustrations
  • No complicated editor, create your quotation templates in MS Word.

Providing a quotation document with beautiful visuals and rich content makes a good impression on buyers. But making them manually takes a lot of time. With the Elfskot Product Configurator, it does not require more than a push of a button.

Let the Elfskot Product Configurator do the boring work

  • Capture your substantive product knowledge in rules and parameters
  • Let the configurator provide solutions by using advanced guided selling on complex features of the product offering
  • Bring unity to your product offering by letting everyone work with the same business logic

Quoting often requires a lot of substantive product knowledge, such as options that require or exclude each other, complex calculation rules and hundreds or even thousands of options within a single product line. Imagine the convieniance when the Elfskot Product Configurator does all that work for you.

Everyone configures whenever and wherever they want

  • Tailored to be used by our own sellers, distributors and customers
  • Cloud and Browser based: Configure in the office, on customer location, at home, on the go, during a dinner, during the yoga, in bed, …
  • Multi-Device: Configure from any device with a browser

Sales is important for every company. That’s why the Elfskot Product Configurator makes your sales channel available everywhere and for everyone.

Make customers happy by providing more options

  • Manage dozens, hundreds, or thousands of options within one product line.
  • Always an up-to-date product offering with ERP by automatic ERP synchronization
  • Automate cross-and upselling in your sales channel

The more specific a customer’s desire is met, the more successful the sales activity. Product lines are often provided with all kinds of options, variants and accessories. Though it might seem clever to create custom solutions, it creates ever increasing complexity. The Elfskot product Configurator makes product variation manageable.

Do you also want to sell stress free?

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