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Fast, error-free (production) orders

Error margin of 0%
  • Pre-Define and parametrise product structures including all restrictions
  • Synchronize sales orders to ERP, CAD, CAM and/or other systems
  • No more retyping means no more mistakes and no time lost

​When you have defined your product structures correctly, you make sure that your sales channel is never able to deliver wrong product sales orders. The multi-level sales BOM is automatically synced to ERP and other systems. By doing so, you are assured of error-free (production) orders.

Fast, error-free (production) orders

Catalyst for standardization

  • Shut the door for non-standard assemblies in the first step of the primary process (marketing)
  • No programming skills required; Start in the very first phase of standardization with configuring and expand product structures easily
  • Facilitate your sales channel with a sales tool that is convieniant to work with

Many standardization projects fail because sellers and/or customers are not provided with the tooling that makes it attractive and user-friendly enough to work with standardization. With the Elfskot Product Configurator, working with a standardized product range is made fun for sellers. Put the Elfskot Product Configurator on your website and make your customers familiar with your product range whilst they are in their orientation phase.

Catalyst for standardization

Create forecasts

  • Define sales and product knowledge in rules and parameters
  • Advanced guided selling, based on our Artificial Intelligence engine, allows you to let end customers create error-free quotations
  • Standardize your sales processes

Quoting requires substantive product knowledge, such as options that require or exclude each other, complex calculation rules and hundreds or even thousands of options within a single product line. Imagine the convenience when the Elfskot Product Configurator does all that work for you.

Create forecasts

Integrate the Elfskot Product Configurator

For the most widely used systems we have standard integrations available. So you can continue to use the systems you already use. Our goal is to connect the sales process and the production process. From leadgeneration to production order, you realize a digital sales channel by integrating Elfskot Product Configurator into your IT-infrastructure.

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Is your plugin not listed? ERP, CRM, MRP, CAD, CAM and all other conceivable systems: Easily connect using our SDK!

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