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Serve your clients in the way they like it best

68% of B2B buyers prefer to inform themselves online and on their own (Forrester)

The influence of e-commerce in the business-to-consumer market has created radical changes in sales and distribution. The business-to-business market is rapidly catching up.

The Elfskot Online Product Configurator makes manufacturers of complex, modular products successful in the online arena. Without substantive product knowledge, your customers are able to create their ideal product on your website. Serving your customers online has never been easier.

The IKEA effect

Are you familiar with the Ikea effect? A customer attaches more value to his IKEA furniture than to a ready-made piece of furniture, because customers have assembled the Ikea furniture themselves. Make your customers assemble their own products with the Elfskot online product configurator!

Online product configurator in your own showroom

79% of buyers find relevant content decisive in the purchase process (IDG)
  • Learning about your product has never been more accessible
  • Use our standard UI in your own corporate identity and customize it with custom CSS. Or develop your own UI with our SDK
  • Work with your existing 3D CAD drawings or 2D renders

In the past years, the B2C market has invested heavily in creating online experiences. 80% of B2B buyers now expect an equal experience (Think with Google). The online product configurator provides an interactive platform on which visitors can personalize their offerings.

Online product configurator in your own showroom

Be a Master in Omnichannels

The life-time value of omnichannel customers is 30% higher than with offline channels (IDG)
  • Sell directly to customers online or forward requests for quotations to sales reps or dealers
  • Dealers work with their own purchase prices
  • Insight in the sales pipeline of your entire sales channel

The Elfskot Online Product Configurator can be set-up with all kinds of omnichannel forms. The customer journey is determined by yourself: show the price directly in the configurator or let visitors make a request for quotation. Let visitors order directly online or request a quote first. Send the quotation automated or do it manually by a dealer or sales rep.

Be a Master in Omnichannels

Integrate an online product configurator on your website

  • An online configurator on the frontend of your website
  • Marketing and sales in the same application
  • Integrate with Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center

Elfskot’s configurator is not a stand-alone gimmick but an integrated approach to your marketing activities. For optimal integration with or in your website, your configurator provides the same styling. Online lead generation is automatically picked up by sales and Google optimizes your searchability and conversion.

Integrate an online product configurator on your website

Integrate the Elfskot Product Configurator

For the most widely used systems we have standard integrations available. So you can continue to use the systems you already use. Our goal is to connect the sales process and the production process. From leadgeneration to production order, you realize a digital sales channel by integrating Elfskot Product Configurator into your IT-infrastructure.

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Is your plugin not listed? ERP, CRM, MRP, CAD, CAM and all other conceivable systems: Easily connect using our SDK!

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