Elfskot becomes Elfsquad. Curious?

Configure without programming

  • To be set up by people who understand commerce rather than programming
  • Create configuration models with artificial intelligence instead of code
  • Installation and maintenance of a 3d product configurator is not a barricade anymore

Set-up and maintenance is no longer an obstacle to start product configuration. Elfskot’s Configurator is the world’s first product configurator that does not require any programming work, even for very complex structures and complex computational rules.

Configure without programming

Available anytime, anywhere, on any device

  • Cloud based: No hassle with updates, 100% uptime
  • Data is stored in 5 places in the world (redundancy). Fast connection and always backups
  • Web based: Runs on any device with a browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome & Safari). No system administration required.

The configurator is accessible worldwide on any device with a browser. So your sales channel is available anytime and anywhere, without ever bothering about it.

Available anytime, anywhere, on any device

Use existing CAD models in the Product Configurator

  • 3D CAD files are supported in 60 file formats
  • Or make use of images or 2D renders

Make your existing 3D models shine in the showroom! CAD files are automatically compressed and layers are linked to articles. This way you can also get the maximum power from your 3D models commercially.

No suitable 3D model? Then 2D renders or even images are a good alternative.

Use existing CAD models in the Product Configurator

Integrate the Elfskot Product Configurator

For the most widely used systems we have standard integrations available. So you can continue to use the systems you already use. Our goal is to connect the sales process and the production process. From leadgeneration to production order, you realize a digital sales channel by integrating Elfskot Product Configurator into your IT-infrastructure.

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Is your plugin not listed? ERP, CRM, MRP, CAD, CAM and all other conceivable systems: Easily connect using our SDK!

Do you also want to sell stress free?

Discover without obligation what the Elfskot Product Configurator can mean for your organization.

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