Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to connect the Elfskot Product Configurator with other systems?

A configurator is an essential component in the business processes and IT infrastructure. In other words; it must be easy to connect. We took this into account in every step of the development. Connecting and integrating within the existing IT infrastructure has never been easier.

We have created a number of standard plugins, for example with Exact Online, where you only need to log in and the connection runs automatically. In addition, we have developed a REST API and SDK that can be easily linked to any package. Free and freely accessible to all users.

Documentation and downloads of the SDK can be found HERE.

What is the difference between CPQ, Sales Configurator en Product Configurator?

Sometimes even we get confused about terminology. Traditionally, there are systems that are purely called ‘Sales Configurator’, or ‘CPQ configurator’. In principle, it all comes down to the same thing.

We are both ‘Sales’ and ‘CPQ’ as ‘Product Configurator’:

  • ‘Configure Price Quote (CPQ)’ or ‘Product Configurator’: This is a term used for software in the business-to-business (B2B) industry to sell complex, configurable products.
  • Sales Configurator: With such software the focus is on sales / marketing and the UI / UX aspects, not so much on the technical aspects that are traditionally the case with CPQ software.

This is actually one of the main reasons why we started with the development of the Elfskot Configurator; we combine technical matters in a visually appealing Sales Generator.

What does an implementation project look like?

Implementation of the configurator can be approached in many different ways. This depends on the product structure (structure of rules), the presentation to users (vendors and, if applicable, customers), and the link with other systems (eg ERP). That is why we often help our customers with a design in the form of a Proof Of Concept, after which you are able to take over the implementation and maintenance.

Stap 1 – Proof Of Concept

Let us prove that Elfskot works for your product. First, we identify the required functionality and outline a layout that works. Then we implement one of the products that is representative for the entire range. Feel free to show it to friends, colleagues, dealers and customers.

Stap 2 – Implementation

Basically, the Proof Of Concept is a turn-key solution; you should be able to implement and maintain the entire product range by yourself. The Proof Of Concept serves as an example (template).
Note: Of course we can help; that is available on demand.

Stap 3 – LIVE en Partnership

We host the application online, so you don’t have to worry about maintenance of data or extra hardware. We guarantee uptime and deliver new updates free of charge.

How long does an implementation take?

This is a question that is asked quite often. The software itself makes it possible to parameterise (fine-tune) very quickly and easily; it does however depend on input. Namely; In order to build product structures (rules), logic must be introduced in both the product package and the argumentation scheme (sales). If this is available, we can create a workable solution very quickly. For example; in one case we have fully implemented 56 complex products in 1 business day.

For reference:

  • Are all products and structures (rules) available? Suppose I choose option A, what are the consequences for option B. Is there documentation available?
  • Can the argumentation scheme of sales (guided selling) be structured into logic? Eg: by default, the configuration contains option A, based on which arguments do I convince a customer to choose option B?
  • Are all articles and all of their master data (prices, texts) available?
    Is it going to be linked to other systems (eg ERP / CRM / PDM)?

Please note that above is absolutely NOT preliminary required to work with the Elfskot Configurator. Forget about Excel; we have the tools to quickly arrange input.

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