Elfskot becomes Elfsquad. Curious?

Elfskot is a young team on a mission. For some time there has been a realization that we have to “make something”. We find that at Elfskot as well. That is why we are developing the sales channel of 2025, with which we prepare companies for the new now. The now in which the customer expects more than ever to be served like a king.

In 2025, your customers expect even more customization, demand instant delivery and want to be served online. On this page you can read about the guys who are ready to make your business successful in these areas.

Our mission

If we want to keep the economy rolling, we have to make full use of the manufacturing industry. For that we must challenge producers for new trends. We take our share, and therefore our mission is to become THE sales channels of the manufacturing industry.

Our vision

In 2025, your customers expect even more customization, they want to be served online, expect instant delivery and they do not accept any errors. The Elfskot Product Configurator makes the manufacturing industry future-proof.

Do you need us? We are very nice people!


Jan Brolsma


After studying (MsC in Operations and Supply Chain Management), Jan worked as an external consultant for several large and small companies. He is a catalyst for creative solutions and has an in-depth professional knowledge.


Jelle Jansma

Sales Engineer

The manufacturing industry is through Jelle's veins. Early in his student days he managed to combine his turbulent student life with the most interesting jobs in various northern Dutch producers. When we came into contact with Jelle, he also showed a very interesting view on commercial activities of production companies. Curious on what that means for your company? Call him!

Johannes Heesterman

Lead Software Developer

Johannes started out in the army, but when he became rebellious out of boredom, he had to leave the military. No wonder, because Johannes talks code, breathes code and sweats code. Quickly thereafter, he found his salvation as a programmer. As one of the founders of Elfskot, Johannes has laid the foundation of our Configurator as well as the artificial intelligence engine.


Wessel de Haan

Project Engineer

In the morning, Wessel is looking forward to making all our customers work even more efficiently. With a rich experience in Project management and improvement, he has emerged as a Top Gun Project Engineer. Wessel lives the vision of Elfskot and sees it as his challenge to make SMEs more decisive by strengthening the entire backbone of all companies.


Eelke Kramer

Project Engineer

Eelke is a driven and versatile asset for Elfskot. As a jack of all trades in the motorhome industry, he is now aiming for the Project Engineer at Elfskot. His challenges lie in improving the pre-production process of our customers. And he combines all of this easily with a study Business Engineering.


Lars Rotgers

Software Developer

As a baby, Lars fell into a big pot of magic potion, brewed by the local druid from a can of zeros and ones. He reportedly published an open-source search algorithm on his third year of life, which later became known as "Google". Nobody knows where he hung out since then, but in 2017 he suddenly popped up as an applicant for Elfskot.

Anco Postma

Medior Software Developer

Anco is one of the longest sitting developers of Elfskot. He is a real jack-of-all-trades, who besides studying Computer Science has solved the most complex problems. From data security to front-end development, Elfskot has been strengthening its analytical view since 2016 on all fronts of Software Development.


Reinder Kas

AI Developer

Reinder is our expert in the field of artificial intelligence. His Artificial Intelligence study at the University of Groningen fits in seamlessly with his work at Elfskot. He gets into his bed in the evening and comes out in the morning to let Elfskot stay at the forefront of AI. And that pays off; nobody can match our ease of use!


Jelmer Reitsma


Jelmer is what we call a youngster with ambition. As the youngst of the group, he is responsible for the execution of the Marketing activities. With the aim of putting Elfskot (inter)nationally further on the map, it turned out to be a perfect match.

Integrate the Elfskot Product Configurator

For the most widely used systems we have standard integrations available. So you can continue to use the systems you already use. Our goal is to connect the sales process and the production process. From leadgeneration to production order, you realize a digital sales channel by integrating Elfskot Product Configurator into your IT-infrastructure.

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Is your plugin not listed? ERP, CRM, MRP, CAD, CAM and all other conceivable systems: Easily connect using our SDK!

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